Workstation Space to Co-Work!Flexible Rent and On Demand Consultancy!Transforming ideas. Providing Solutions. Licensing our IPR to Entrepreneurs active in Renewables sector!

Workstation Space to Co-Work!

At Prime rates. See the Prime Mantra!

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Flexible Rent and On Demand Consultancy!

Prime iππovators wants to propose through its innovative concept, a co-working space for budding entrepreneurs.

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Transforming ideas. Providing Solutions. Licensing our IPR to Entrepreneurs active in Renewables sector!

We aspire towards "Transforming" FEASIBLE idea into Services &/or Products through Market ready PROTOTYPE in less than a Year! "Pronto" for BA/VC intervention especially from Italy/EU/INDIA.

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Welcome to NanoTechEnergies. A unique place to iNNOVATE, Co-Work and Make things Happen!

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Renewable energies are the Future, as it can help mitigate: By preventing further aggravation in climatic condition, off which global warming; Our dependence on fossil fuels; Improving our Economy, creating more jobs and help protect the Environment. In NanoTechEnergies we are convinced that thanks to our Patented technology we, can achieve, step by step, the ultimate aim […]

Co-working Space

NanoTechEnergies‘ aim is linked to Helping, Accelerating, Motivating & Facilitating NEW company formation, Forging new ideas into sustainable startups. Thus, our industrial plant is provided with an innovative and stimulating co-working space, a pre-seed incubator for budding entrepreneurs: Prime iππovators. It is the expression of founders’ will to generate a competitive and collaborative working environment: a way to facilitate the creation of innovative start-ups, and make […]


Here in NanoTechEnergies, we believe Renewables is the future. Photovoltaic sector is the primary field for NanoTechEnergies in which R&D conducted on Hybrid Nanomaterials take off. NanoTechEnergies S.R.L. is specialised in the production of innovative Photovoltaic films (a.k.a. Wavelength Conversion Film – WCF), which enhances the efficiency of a traditional photovoltaic module up to +12%. The patented technology transforms Ultra Violet wavelength to Visible wavelength, permitting modules’ silicon […]

Research & Development

Research and Development in the sector of NanoTecnologies and its potential application in different fields of our life is the implicit calling of NanoTechEnergies. The ultimate aim of NanoTechEnergies Research activities is that of creating and using Materials, Devices and Systems provided with innovative characteristics and functions thanks to the NanoTechnologies. Previous research on development and intrinsic characteristics of Hybrid Composite […]