Come and work with us!Flexible Rent conditions!Awesome concept!

Come and work with us!

Join us and pay per use the coworking space.

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Flexible Rent conditions!

Pay for what you use (optional and especially ON-DEMAND consultancy, as and when required) while, pay until when you believe our pre incubation consultancy assistance is needed (Flexible rent conditions).

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Awesome concept!

Prime iππovators hopes to transform your ideas into concrete Business Opportunities. We BELIEVE that from a premonition (i.e. your idea) we can assist you to transform it into a business which could grow autonomously! To do so! we categorize, the level of your business idea according to scale of readiness, which is composed of three levels.

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Welcome to NanotechEnergies SRL, a LLC meant to cater to the needs of Industrial accessability to budding entraprenuers!

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We are your facilitators, your first business partner, which will EXIT as soon as your first round of funding is cleared.


The success of newly established company depends on the ability of the management team to create a line of innovative idea, while facilitate the NEW ideas from Budding Entrepreneurs, and to be able to manage the team in an harmonious and cooperative way. Our company’s management includes professionals with great moral values, whose dedication and experience will generate […]

Prime idea

Prime iππovators is an innovative business idea, which is the result of the Research and innovation driven approach of young researchers, who were able to carry out successfully the Technology Transfer of their Research, transforming it into an innovative start up (1SUN S.r.l. and NanoTechEnergies S.r.l.).Whereby, against all odds and without any support during the first years […]

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Prime iππovators is a new concept invented by Dr. Sumeet Kumar. Presently operating under the name of NanoTechEnergies S.R.L. a Trieste based company with operating address in industrial area of Ronchi dei Legionari, GO. For latest news click here. Copyright © 2016-2022 by “NanoTechEnergies S.R.L.”. All Rights reserved. Site admin: P.IVA.Cod.Fiscale: 01286620321; Capital: 1,000.00 € i.v.

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Additional integrative conditions as per the GDPR Directives: (Italian version applies to all EU and NON EU residents visiting and interacting with NANOTECHENERGIES, hereon called as NTE, through this sites or its affiliates) Documento informativo articolo 13 Reg. UE 2016/679- GDPR – Informativa per trattamento di dati personali raccolti presso l’interessato Nel rispetto di quanto […]